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New: Upper Manhattan Breathwork and Guided Meditation Meetup




Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambham

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandey Guru Parampam  ||

Go to for live nightly Vedic eNTV and CHATwing Puja and Satsangs at 8:30-10:30, thousands of Youtube videos, hundreds of books, meditations, kriyas, and programs. Paramahansa Nithyananda is the newest avatar of Vedic Dharma, the oldest science of inner research and development.

AdiShiva Meditation Contact: Susan J Razavi LCSW-R

570 Fort Washington Ave, Apt 64A, N.Y., N.Y., 10033. Near A Train.

Cell 1(646) 942-8705; Skype Susan J Razavi; Facebook Susan Razavi; Twitter nychyptherapist; email

Welcome! Pranams! Nithyanandam! We welcome you with our love and respect.

You can easily learn Meditation, Vedic Science and Psychology, Puja, and attend live 2 way video streaming to receive Nayana Deeksha blessings Friday nights from rare living avatar Paramahansa Nithyananda also known as SwamiJi. Upper Manhattan Breathwork and Guided Meditation Meetup is open to new members. This is easy and fun. Join our group of seekers.

Our main NY area Temple is NY Varanasi in Queens, with a 2 way center in Astoria. Monthly Kalpatarus are provided by SwamiJi in different locations to grant boons manifesting your reality. All the centers provide free personal guidance from recent graduates of the Nithyananda University Inner Awakening Program held in the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Global Ashram, Bidadi, India, near Bangalore.

Manhattan Schedule

Friday 8:30-10:30PM - Free Live 2 way Nayana Deeksha (blessings from SwamiJi by directly seeing you), Puja, Satsang, Meditation

Sunday 12:00-2:00PM - Sharing. Topics can include the Four Powers of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching; Meditation; Breathing exercises (Pranayama); The Process of Completion; What is a Guru and why would you need one?; What are the benefits of meditation and kundalini awakening?; how to be healthy and happy; what other programs are available, such as Inner Awakening, Nirahara Samyama (Bfoodfree); and eN-Genius?

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.  See Yelp for reviews of NY Varanasi Hindu Temple.

We are honored that you are visiting our web site. Being part of a spiritual organization, we are always striving to find new ways to increase experience based knowledge as current and prospective members. This web site allows us to reach people we may never have been able to contact before.

Please use this site to access the information you need about the center and as a resource for broadening your knowledge. We look forward to hearing from you, presenting programs in centers, collaborating and answering any questions you might have.